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Buffalo News Calls For Completion of Empire Corridor EIS

June 1, 2021 'As Biden focuses on improving rail service, State DOT must finish delayed study...'

Amtrak Releases 15-Year Vision for New Corridors

May 27, 2021 Amtrak has released a report detailing its 15-year vision to improve 25 existing routes, add 39 new routes. The railroad calls on Congress for $75B in support for its vision.

CSX Takes Controlled Sidings Out-of-Service Along the Empire Corridor

May 27, 2021 ESPA is highly concerned to have learned that CSX has recently removed from service the majority of the ‘controlled’ (i.e. signaled) sidings located between Hoffmans and Buffalo.

Charlie Poltenson Retires from NYSDOT's Passenger Rail Bureau

May 24, 2021 ESPA extends its sincere thanks and best wishes to Charlie Poltenson on his retirement from NYSDOT's Passenger Rail Bureau.

Unfinished study could threaten funding for upstate passenger rail upgrades

May 24, 2021 Without the study, passenger train advocates fear New York State won't be able to take full advantage of the geyser of rail dollars expected later this year.